Writing Services

With 20 years’ experience in the publishing business, I provide editorial and marketing services and development for individuals and businesses.

From writing a few press releases, an article, or SEO strategy, to developing the entire marketing plan, I help business communications flow. I research and work in any market, but my fields of expertise include environmentally related industries (real estate, land use, gardening, ecology), bookselling, relationships, teaching and education, business process, yoga.



Writing services (books, articles, posts, press releases), editorial development and marketing planning. In-house writing center coaching for business (contract or a la carte).

Business consulting for start-up businesses who need help on planning products and services for sale. I have experience working for myself as a yoga instructor and am the COO and lead investor in a Chicago book donation company. You can go from writer to entrepreneur! In fact it’s one of the best ways to start your business.


Book Shepherding: I read along as you write, with follow-up discussions via phone to help you develop the work and make choices as you pursue publishing (self- or otherwise). I read your manuscript for consistency and mechanics, as well as ways to sharpen scenes through character development, setting, imagery, symbolism, and plot.

Developmental edit:  I help organize, structure, and enhance the work while the manuscript is in development. Manuscript will receive notes and line edits, as well as suggestions. Together we develop a set of goals and tasks to help you complete the work.

Substantive edit: I ensure the piece is smooth, logical, and well organized, bringing up any content-related questions, and flagging problematic sections—like confusing or overly detailed passages, abrupt shifts in tone, needs for narrative or dialogue. Copyediting is included as part of the substantive edit.

Copyedit: We read the manuscript for thematic organization at the paragraph and sentence levels and focus on the mechanics of the piece: consistency, spelling, grammar (punctuation, syntax, and word usage.) Fact checking available upon request.

Proofread: We read the final manuscript and present any egregious errors, such as basic grammar/spelling mistakes and inconsistencies, and any other visual errors in the layout. This is a final check before the piece is ready for printing or online posting. The last edit, an overview.

Contact us today and we will get back to you within one business day. See how communications development can be the key to unblocking   in life.

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We work with artists, writers, illustrators, designers, producers, and other indentured entrepreneurs to collect great work for niche audiences. If you need referrals, we can heartily recommend and use the services of some great folks. Holler with your needs.