The Window Dressing: Why Eloping Is Often a Better Option

Here’s my latest piece for the March/April issue of Industry Magazine, an exploration of the wisdom of scaling back our expectations for our wedding day—in our efforts to shore them up for the marriage itself.

The Window Treatment by Emily Johnson

“Gen X also lived through the high point of divorce in the boomer generation—our parents—and we paid for it, emotionally. Now we hold back from unrealistic expectations, which elaborate weddings feed, because we saw the effects of the crash and burn—the good old days confined to 5 x 7 sepia-toned prints of us in tall socks—both parents smiling—that we treasure but cannot remember distinctly.”

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6 thoughts on “The Window Dressing: Why Eloping Is Often a Better Option

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  5. frank decker

    everything I have read so far has been interesting and confirmed by my own personal experience. I wonder if you might have anything to say about the implications of a well dressed vaguely gay doll called Mr Perfect who says 16 different things along the lines of ” Goodness no, that dress does not make you look fat”etc etc. Also the very common situation of middle age men losing their jobs forever while their wives suddenly become the only source of income. This role reversal is now the case of most of my friends.
    Love to your mom.

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