Missing Mojo: Tracking Guys’ Vanishing Sense of Self

My latest column for Industry Fall 2010:

Missing Mojo: Tracking Guys’ Vanishing Sense of Self

Are men the new women? If that means claiming their power and balancing their need for relationships with other goals, would that be so bad?

2 thoughts on “Missing Mojo: Tracking Guys’ Vanishing Sense of Self

  1. Kevin

    I will look out for your new article on writing when you post it.

    I took a dive into your blog postings and found this one. I think you have some very interesting points. I would rather have seen more focus on male identity with an actual male article / interview reference. I respect your perspectives and agree that there are major changes in male identity in relationships and in society. However, I certainly do not identify myself by my income vs. my partner, or by housework (As I actually did almost all of the housework – while I was married). I would like for you to update this article in light of the recession and male unemployment, and pull in some gender politics theory. Perhaps analyze a few couples in turmoil, or recently separated and test out your theory…

    Just my thought. You should invite me for some coffee talk sometime. It would be nice to chat some more.

  2. Emily Post author

    Thanks for your perspective, Kevin. I plead guilty of writing more of an analysis of the cultural trend than a reported piece. Will keep it in mind for future articles. I don’t mean to say that men (or women, come to think of it) define themselves by these things. But rather the culture, and media sure likes to define us that way, which has reverberations in our lives–even just as something we resist. I write more about the cultural memes than the individual’s sense of self. Partly because I am kind of a culture watch-dog, trying to unearth buried messages. And partly because I don’t think most people really see themselves clearly. Though we potentially can, of course!

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