Editorial Services & Pricing

What We Provide and Pricing Structure

Here at the shop we provide a good editor—a commodity invaluable to a good writer.

Having spent many years in writing, marketing, and editing books, I have an in-depth understanding of many parts of the publishing and editing process. I have also worked with the biggest companies in the biz (Penguin, Randomhouse) and the smallest start-up (aka the lonely writer).

Besides writing on relationships, yoga, real estate, and environment, I love helping writers bring their work to fruition and setting them off into the world on the best footing possible.

People think writing is a lonely process, but the truth is that every writer you have ever read had an editor. At least that was true pre-Internet. Now more than ever many are bypassing that crucial step in the rage to self-publish. Maybe they don’t care whether their work stands out from the crowd. We feel differently.

Working through the process of writing a book, whether fiction or nonfiction, remains a monumental challenge for many writers. We help you get there.

Services & Pricing

Here’s a quick rundown of the levels of editorial services. Level of editing is to be determined by me and the author once I have read a sample.

Developmental edit: I work closely with the author on the structure, content, and organization of a piece, often when the manuscript is still in development. I will edit, write, and research as needed and create a set of goals and tasks to help the author finish the work. ($40–50/hr, estimates provided based on length.)

Substantive edit: I receive a finished version and ensure the piece is smooth, logical, and well organized. I will note confusing or overly detailed sections, places where examples are needed, or other content-related questions. Often a substantive and copyedit are part of the same job. ($40–50/hr, estimates provided based on length.)

Copyedit: I will read the manuscript for thematic organization at the paragraph and sentence levels and focus on the mechanics of the piece: consistency, spelling, grammar (punctuation, syntax, and word usage.) Fact checking can be performed upon request. ($30–$40 per hour. Estimates provided based on length.)

Proofread: I will read the final manuscript to look for egregious errors, such as basic grammar/spelling mistakes and inconsistencies, and any other visual errors in the layout. This is a final check before the piece is ready for printing or online posting. Sometimes people request a proofread for a piece, when it really needs editing first. (Fee: $20–$30 per hour. Estimates provided based on length.

Review/Critique: I read the manuscript over for consistency, and ways to sharpen scenes through character development, setting, imagery, symbolism, and plot. I will supply notes for the author to use in development of the work. ($1 per manuscript page (250 words).

While computers can help the process, you may still need a professional to write an index. I read the page proofs and write an alphabetical list of references based on the terms and concepts explored in the text. I consolidate page references under main headings and subheadings and include cross-references to guide readers to specific locations in the text. (Fee: $3–$6 per indexed page. Estimates provided based on length.)