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Real Estate:

News articles and content development for Truepad.


Selection of Relationship Column for Industry:

Do We Touch Enough? | On the science and visceral thrills of making contact

Staying Summer | How can a relationship stay strong, yet maintain the vitality and newness of its early season?

The Forever Thing

Cheat…or Tweet? | Industry | Infidelity in the Age of Social Media

The Dark Side | Industry | Tales from late-night hookups, near misses, and the end of night wildlife in action

The Long Mile | Industry | A car upgrade has our emotional guru contemplating journeys and a relationship with…herself

Games Worth Playing | Industry | How a ritual based upon the I Ching can change the way we think about life and love

Inside Game of Thrones | Industry

Marriage: A New Territory | Industry | The political sturm und drang over gay marriage prompts an examination of the nature of the nuptial leap

Feminine Mystique Redux  | Industry | Getting to the Roots of the Stall in Equality

The New Girl | Industry | On the Thrill and Terror of a New Year

Red Flags | Industry |  all the things we’re worried about in relationships that are really not that big of a deal

Cosmo Grrl  | Industry | On sex icon Helen Gurley Brown’s passing and finding mojo in print

The Roatán Less Travelled | Industry | Hidden Gems in the Caribbean Republic

The Good Fight | Industry | How to Have It Out in the Quest for Having It All

Type Casting | Industry | Deep Cuts from the Land of Myers-Briggs Personality Test

The Road Less Traveled | Industry | Ecotourism in South America

Do the Split | Industry | How to talk yourself through a breakup

Balance of Power | Industry | Should women should put off marriage to boost their earning power?



Blogs and Web Writing:

Around the Town Chicago | Theater Reviews

The Magical World of Craigslist | How to Be an Online Seller

Mirah at SPACE | Newcity

SlutWalkChicago: By Any Other Name? | Guernica Magazine

Fighting Emerald Ash Borer in Chicago | Arborscape

Ryuichi Sakamoto | Radio Free Chicago

So Percussion & Matmos | Radio Free Chicago

Natural Birth Control | Loyola Women’s Studies Digest | All the ins and outs (ahem) of Fertility Awareness

Getting My Kicks in Psychodrama | New York Press | Dealing with daddy issues

Leonard Cohen Takes Manhattan, Again | National Post