Writing Services

Here at the shop we provide writing and editing services for individuals and businesses. We have twenty years in the book business and in-depth understanding of the development of marketing and publishing projects. We work with the biggest companies (Penguin, Randomhouse) and the smallest start-up (the lonely writer).

Besides writing on all aspects of our relationships with ourselves (yoga), our surroundings (gardening, ecology), we love helping writers bring their voices to fruition in works of their own devising, and setting them off into the world on the best footing possible.

People think writing is a lonely process, but the truth is that every writer you have ever read had an editor. At least, that was true pre-Internet. Now more than ever many are bypassing that crucial step in the hype to publish. So many casual errors stand out to a fresh eye. Working without that assistance is an unnecessarily lonely road.

We help you, our client, through the process of writing, whether it might be an essay, narrative, or e/book—or in business, with emails, web content, and internal communiques, helping you communicate effectively without sacrificing your personality or style.



Writing Center for businesses: one-on-one writing coaching in a neutral environment to help managers, writers, and other professionals learn the editing process and improve the consistency of messaging across the company. Often in conjunction with PR or Marketing/Editorial.

Copywriting and Research: Thoughtful, clear, and creative content with a proven ability to anticipate trends and generate fascinating copy. We can help plan and implement an editorial calendar, conduct general research and reporting, develop articles on various topics for mainstream and specialized audiences. That includes emails, newsletters, press releases, editorial guides, copy, company bios, and internal communications.


Editorial services are determined by you, the author, and the editor after looking over a sample chapter, outline, and table of contents (nonfiction).

Developmental edit: We focus on structure, content, and organization of a piece, often when the manuscript is still in development. Manuscript will receive notes and line edits, suggestions for research as needed. Together we develop a set of goals and tasks to help the author complete the work.

Substantive edit: We ensure the piece is smooth, logical, and well organized. We will bring up any content-related questions, and any problematic sections will be flagged—such as, confusing or overly detailed passages, abrupt shifts in tone, needs for narrative or dialogue. Copyediting is included as part of the substantive edit.

Copyedit: We read the manuscript for thematic organization at the paragraph and sentence levels and focus on the mechanics of the piece: consistency, spelling, grammar (punctuation, syntax, and word usage.) Fact checking available upon request.

Proofread: We read the final manuscript and present any egregious errors, such as basic grammar/spelling mistakes and inconsistencies, and any other visual errors in the layout. This is a final check before the piece is ready for printing or online posting. The last edit, an overview.

Review/Critique: I read the manuscript over for consistency, and ways to sharpen scenes through character development, setting, imagery, symbolism, and plot. I will supply notes for the author to use in development of the work.

Once the book is done, additional marketing help may be retained as needed.

While computers can help the process, you may still need a professional to write an index. We read the page proofs and write an alphabetical list of references based on the terms and concepts explored in the text. We consolidate page references under main headings and subheadings and include cross-references to guide readers to specific locations in the text.


Contact us today and we will get back to you within one business day. See how communications development can be the key to unblock success in many areas of life.

We work with artists, writers, illustrators, designers, producers, and other indentured entrepreneurs to collect great work for niche audiences. If you need referrals, we can heartily recommend and use the services of some great folks. Holler with your needs.