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Formerly the ad promo manager for academic and library marketing at Penguin Books, I am now a Chicago-based freelance writer and publishing consultant. I am currently developing writing, research and editorial projects for National Geographic Learning, Random House, Wiley-Blackwell, Penguin, and Industry magazine.

This is a portfolio site as well as a blog following my interest in relationships, psychology, yoga, health and sustainable living, and the uses of language.

I am available for various word-putting-together activities. Contact me: ejohnsonwrites at gmail dot com

Quotes from editors and readers:

“Emily’s culture pieces are always warm and slightly ahead of the curve. If you need someone to cover a breaking trend, or scope one out that is below the radar, she is a good choice.”
“Manages to straddle the line between lighthearted analysis and serious investigation, which ain’t an easy thing to do.”
“She has too many good ideas, which is a damn fine problem for an editor to be confronted with.”
“Wonderful, thoughtful, honest, it follows the best schema of personal essay from the specific to the general and the personal.”
“Very insightful and bravo for exploring the therapy via publishing route. Very impressed.”