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SlutWalk Chicago: By Any Other Name?

In Guernica, a piece about the march I participated in, SlutWalk Chicago, on June 4, 2011. For me, the march was all about how our attitudes about women’s behavior play into victim-blaming and shaming. But people walked for many reasons, … Continue reading

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“I Just Can’t Decide…” Polyamory and the Choice of Monogamy

My latest piece for Industry’s May/June 2011 issue, a look at polyamory, the enjoyment of many loves, and what nonmonogamy offers to those who practice it. What do our beliefs about monogamy say about us, and our relationships?“I Just Can’t … Continue reading

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The Window Dressing: Why Eloping Is Often a Better Option

Here’s my latest piece for the March/April issue of Industry Magazine, an exploration of the wisdom of scaling back our expectations for our wedding day—in our efforts to shore them up for the marriage itself.The Window Treatment by Emily Johnson“Gen … Continue reading

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