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The Friend Zone

My first relationship piece for Industry magazine:The Friend Zone by Emily Johnson | Industry February March 2010“We can’t trust our instincts, so let’s take a break. Not from dating but from the seriousness; let’s be friends.”(Thanks so much to Nick … Continue reading

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Resolution 1: Pay for Experiences, Not Things

The advent of Spring is a good time to revisit the resolutions I made for the year. This was the first. 1.    Pay for experiences, not products.A very simple example would be yoga classes rather than yoga pants. Writing classes … Continue reading

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OPP: other people’s poetry

It is weird that people now refer to the drug itself rather than the delivery device. “I haven’t had my caffeine today,” or “I’m on a nicotine buzz,” or “I need methamphetamine, stat.” This reminds me of that birth control … Continue reading

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Health insurance sucks

This is a guest post I did about my befuddled search for health insurance, reprinted below in its entirety. Don’t tell me it’s not interesting. I know health insurance is “not interesting.” Kafka’s bureaucracies are also, in a quantitative way, … Continue reading

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